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Following increasing interest by members, we set up PRISM PDA Ireland in April 2017. This group is for parents, carers and professionals supporting those with Autism who experience extreme and persistent Anxiety Based Demand Avoidance (Pathological Demand Avoidance). It is particularly important to give a voice to autistic children, teenagers, individuals and their families. Research suggests that without awareness, acceptance and understanding, autistic individuals with a PDA profile are at risk of lifelong negative impacts on education, mental health, employment, and inclusion in the community. In Ireland, there is lack of research exploring PDA, and the lived experience among individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

In 2018, Prism DLR commissioned a research study to investigate PDA within the context of Ireland - Mapping Experiences of Pathological Demand Avoidance in Ireland.  Findings from this study were presented at the Autism Europe and Autistica conferences in 2019, and at the first PDA conference in Ireland on the 25th January 2020, and the presentation is available to download from this page.

One of the outputs from the study was collaboration between experts to produce a resource to assist parents, educators and healthcare professionals:  Evidence-informed Advice for Best Practice in Supporting Pathological Demand Avoidance, also available to download from this web page.

The PDA Society in the UK has a wealth of information freely available to individuals and families.  Additional resources for families, teachers and clinicians are also available from our web repository at   

Finally, we encourage you to begin a support group in your own local area, as building strong networks is the most productive way to increase awareness, acceptance and understanding.


      1-PDA Supporting Children with PDA in Primary School Settings

      2-PDA Supporting Students with PDA in Post Primary School Settings

      3-PDA Supporting People with PDA in Further and Higher Education

      4-PDA Supporting Individuals with PDA in Adult Services Practitioners

      5-PDA Working with Individuals with PDA in Adult Services Support Workers

      6-PDA Working with Children, Young people and Adults with PDA in Clinical Settings

      7-PDA Advice for Parents by Parents to Support Children and Adults with PDA

      Alison Doyle Mapping Experiences of PDA National Conference 25_01_20

      Neil Kenny Evidence-informed Advice for Parents and Education and Health Professionals


      Doyle and Kenny (2020) Mapping experiences of PDA in Ireland.  Executive Summary

Video presentations from PDA Ireland Conference

       Alison Doyle Presentation of Research


       Neil Kenny Presentation on Evidence-informed Advice  

       Joan McDonald Extreme Anxiety and Learning

       Stuart Neilson Coping with Anxiety

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