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Parent Education


Parents can do alots to provide support to their children and help optimise their quality of life. Educating yourself will make a huge difference. Below are oganisations who provide useful parent information and training sessions. 



Middletown Centre for Autism

The Middletown Centre for Autism is a North–South educational initiative, established in 2007 with funding provided by the Department of Education, Northern Ireland and the Department of Education and Skills, Ireland. Based in Middletown, Co. Armagh, the purpose of the centre is to support the promotion of excellence in the development and co-ordination of education services to children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs). Specifically, the centre provides training for parents/professionals through ongoing informative training courses north and south of the boarder. Click here for the latest schedule of courses on offers.

ASIAM aims to provide a one-stop shop for the Autism community in Ireland. From providing the public and those with the condition to a portal of information about Autism, to serving a platform for people affected by Autism to share their stories and views, to providing a strong voice for the concerns of the community. Their primary aim is to Educate, Empower, Advocate for Community.

Inclusion Ireland

Inclusion Ireland provides a central forum for its members to identify priorities and formulate nationally agreed policies to present to government, statutory bodies, other relevant groups as well as the general public. Inclusion Ireland campaigns for changes in services and legislation that will improve the quality of life and participation of people with an intellectual disability in Irish Society. They also run regular public training sessions.

Autism Initiatives

Our services provide a homely living environment and our focus is person centred, which enables each client to achieve his or her highest level of potential and enhances their quality of life. As part of the person centred plan each client and their family are involved in the decision making process in order to fulfil their complex needs and requirements as individuals. They also run regular public training sessions.


Aspergers Syndrome Association of Ireland (ASPIRE)

Aspire was established by a small group of parents in 1995 to provide support to individuals who have Asperger Syndrome and their families, and to encourage and undertake research into the condition. 


Irish Society for Autism

The Irish Society for Autism was formed with the goal of creating awareness of autism and convincing the authorities that early diagnosis and specialised education would greatly enhance the quality of life for people with Autism. In the last 51 years the Irish Society for Autism has been providing information on Autism for thousands of people, parents, families, educators, students and health care workers.  It has also been successful in creating residential services for Adults with Autism in Dublin, Galway, Kildare, Meath, Westmeath and Wexford and creating the European Charter of Rights for People with Autism.







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