Aspirations & Vision for PRISM


PRISM is currently a fledgling organisation functioning on minimal funding, lots of ideas and dedication. We have plans for a bright future and have a clear vision of the services we want to provide. Our aspiration for the future is to provide the following services:


  • a dedicated space for PRISM activities

  • a drop-in information & support clinic 

  • subsidised therapies - Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Physiotherapy

  • free parent wellness program

  • subsidised counselling sessions for parents / carers

  • advocacy service for individuals with an ASC and their families

  • host and run autism awareness activities in the community

  • local therapeutic activities for children with an ASC: Lego club, book club, art therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, social skills groups, teen youth club, yoga, mindfulness and emotional regulation activities